Fourth International Workshop
on the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images

July 18-20, 2007
Provinciehuis Leuven, Belgium


The design of new instruments to acquire multi-temporal or even hyper-temporal earth observation imagery and the development of effective methods to analyze such multi- or hyper-temporal data sets, represent some of the more challenging issues the remote-sensing community faces today. At issue is the temporal dimension of the imagery that allows for linkages to the dynamic character of processes, systems and phenomena under study.

The Fourth International Workshop on the Analysis of Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Images (MULTITEMP-2007) will continue the objective of the previous editions to assess the state-of-the-art in the analysis of multi-temporal remote sensing and geospatial data. The workshop will have oral and interactive presentations dealing with both the theoretical and applied issues surrounding the use of multi- and hyper-temporal information in support of the sustained management of earth's resources.

MultiTemp-2007 is soliciting papers in the following topic areas:

  • registration, calibration and correction techniques for multi-temporal data
  • multi-temporal classification techniques
  • multi-temporal compositing schemes
  • change detection algorithms
  • time-series and hyper-temporal analysis
  • change detection performance assessment
  • data fusion in multi-temporal imagery
  • LIDAR multi-temporal data analysis
  • SAR and InSAR multi-temporal data analysis
  • monitoring dynamics of land cover and land use
  • plant production system monitoring and modeling
  • novel approaches to multi-temporal data handling
  • novel multi- and hyper-temporal applications

Important dates

May 15, 2007: due date for final manuscripts
May 31, 2007: registration deadline
July 18-20, 2007: MULTITEMP-2007 in Leuven, Belgium


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