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FOx Diagnostics


The FOx Diagnostics (FOxDx) technology provides an extremely flexible life science research tool for quantifying and studying biomolecular kinetic interactions of protein, DNA, small molecules and cells in high throughput (1-48 parallel measurements). Numerous application cases have been developed internally, some of which are therapeutic drug monitoring of biologicals, quantification of allergens, hormones and pathogens in food, DNA mutation analysis, DNA amplification and quantification, and cellular affinities. These samples are measured directly in blood/serum samples or dissolved food matrices drastically reducing sample preparation. The scope of feasible applications has not been reached and is open for researchers to develop and optimize their custom bio-assays transmissible from the lab to a diagnostic POCT. The operating principle of this platform is based on a “dipping” fiber optic surface plasmon resonance (FO-SPR) technology developed at the MeBioS-Biosensors group. In short, we have translated the golden standard technology for studying molecular interactions into a more robust, user friendly, affordable and amenable for miniaturization technology. The sensor principle makes the platform very cost effective and allows both regenerated probes and single use sample in- result out consumables with results in minutes.