Industrial partners / Scientific partners

Present Industrial partners 

Former Industrial partners 

Scientific partners

   Dr. Eberhart Hartung
   University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
   Dr. Ephraim Maltz
   Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Israel
   Dr. Hongwei Xin
   University of Iowa, USA
   Dr. Ilan Halachmi
   The Volcani center, Israel
   Dr. Jack Nienaber
   Clay Center, University of Nebraska, USA
   Geomatics and Forest Engineering group
   Department of Biosystems, Catholic University of Leuven
   Prof. Christoffer Wathes and colleagues
   Silsoe Research Center, UK
   Prof. Irenalza Naas
   University of Campinas, Brazil
   Prof. Jos Metz
   University of Wageningen, NL
   Prof. Peter Young
   CRES, Centre for Research on Environmental Systems, University of Lancaster, UK
   Prof. Pierluigi Navarotto, Dr. ssa Marcella Guarino
   University of Milano, Italy