Courses taught by M3-BIORES

3rd Year

B-KUL-I0N83B: Werkcollege productontwerp en -ontwikkeling: van biologie naar technologie [Read more]

B-KUL-I0N79A: Bio-environmental Control [Read more]
                           2h theory, 2h exercises, 13 weeks

B-KUL-I0N84A: Seminars on Biosystems Engineering [Read more]

B-KUL-I0N43A: Solid State Mechanics [Read more]
                           2h theory, 2h exercises

B-KUL-I0N41C: Integrating Team Project [Read more]

4th Year

B-KUL-I0U00A: Seminars Human Health Engineering [Read more]

B-KUL-I0P13B: Integration of Biological Responses in Process Management [Read more]
                           2h theory, 2h exercises

B-KUL-I0A85B: Biosystems Engineering Project [Read more]

5th Year

B-KUL-I0R05A: Design and Management of Storage and Distribution Structures [Read more]

B-KUL-I0A86A: Sustainable Precision Livestock Farming [Read more]

B-KUL-I0O44A: Small Business Project [Read more]