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Publications of the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis

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The siting of Cu(II) in Mordenite: a Theoretical Spectroscopic Study.  
Delabie, A., Pierloot, K., Groothaert, M., Weckhuysen, B.M., and Schoonheydt, R.A.
Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 4, 134-145, 2002.

Catalytic Activity of MCM-41-TBD in the Selective Preparation of Carbamates and Unsymmetrical Alkyl Carbonates from Diethyl Carbonate.  
Carloni, S., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A., Maggi, R., Sartori, G., and Sartorio, R.
J.Catal., 205, 199-204, 2002. 

Heterogeneous Enzyme Mimics Based on Zeolites and Layered Hydroxides.  
De Vos, D.E., Sels, B., and Jacobs, P.A.
Cattech, 6 (1), 14-29, 2002.

Peroxide Reactions with Anion-exchanged Layered Double Hydroxide Catalysts.
De Vos, D.E., Wahlen, J., Sels, B., and Jacobs, P.A.
Synlett, 3, 367-380, 2002.

Adsorption and Pressure Swing Desorption of NOx in Na-Y Zeolite: Experiments and Modelling.
Brilhac, J.-F., Sultana, A., Gilot, P., and Martens, J.A.
Environ.Sci.Technol., 36 (5), 1136-1140, 2002.

Towards Heterogeneous and Green Versions of Os Dihydroxylation Catalysis.
Severeyns, A., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
Top.Catal., 19(1), 125-131, 2002.

Silicalite-1 Zeogrid: A New Silica Molecular Sieve with Super-and Ultra Micropores.
Kremer, S.P.B., Kirschhock, C., Tielen, M., Collignon, F., Grobet, P.J., Jacobs, P.A., and Martens, J.A.
Adv.Funct.Mater., 12 (4), 286-292, 2002.

Chromophores in Porous Silicas and Minerals: Preparation and Optical Properties.
Schulz-Ekloff, G., Wöhrle, D., van Duffel, B., and Schoonheydt, R.A.
Micropor.Mesopor.Mater., 51, 91-138, 2002.

Reduction of Prostaglandin Unsaturated Ketones to Secondary Allylic Alcohols by Hydrogen Transfer over Mesoporous Supported PtSn Catalysts.
Coman, S., Parvulescu, V.I., De bruyn, M., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
J.Catal., 206, 218-229, 2002.

Homogeneous cis-dihydroxylation and Epoxidation of Olefins with High H2O2 Efficiency by Mixed Manganese/Activated Carbonyl Catalyst System.
Brinksma, J., Schmieder, L., van Vliet, G., Boaron, R., Hage, R., De Vos, D.E., Alsters, P., and Feringa, L.
Tetrah.Lett., 43 (14), 2619-2622, 2002.

Reactivity Descriptors and Rate Constants for Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution: Acid Zeolite Catalyzed Methylation of Benzene and Toluene.
Vos, A., Nulens, K., De Proft, F., Schoonheydt, R.A., and Geerlings, P.
J.Phys.Chem.B., 106, 2026-2034, 2002.

Impact of Pd-Mordenite Pretreatment on the Heterogeneity of Heck Catalysis.
Dams, M., Drijkoningen, L., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
Chem.Commun.,  1062-1063, 2002.

Pd Zeolites as Heterogeneous Catalysts in Heck Chemistry.
Dams, M., Drijkoningen, L., Pauwels, B., Van Tendeloo, G., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
J.Catal., 209, 225-236, 2002.

Observations on Solvent Flux and Solute Rejection Across Solvent Resistant Nanofiltration Membranes.
Gibbins, E., D'Antonio, M., Nair, D., White, L. S., Freitas dos Santos, L.S., Vankelecom, I.F.J., and Livingston, A.G.
Desalination, 147, 307-313, 2002.

New Evidence for Precursor Species in the Formation of MFI Zeolite in the Tetrapropylammonium Hydroxide-Tetraethyl Orthosilicate-Water System.
Kirschhock, C., Kremer, S.P.B., Grobet, P.J., Jacobs, P.A., and Martens, J.A.
J.Phys.Chem.B., 106 (19), 4897-4900, 2002.

Aqueous enantioselective Hydrogenation of Methyl 2-Acetamidoacrylate with PDMS Occluded Rh-MeDuPHOS Catalyst.
Wolfson, A., Janssens, S., Vankelecom, I.F.J., Geresh, S., Gottlieb, M., and Hershkovitz, M.
Chem.Commun., 4, 388-389, 2002.

Development of a heterogeneous cis-dihydroxylation process with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant. Severeyns, A., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
Green Chemistry,  4 (4), 380-384, 2002.

The Coordination of CuII in Zeolites, Structure and Spectroscopic Properties.
Delabie, A., Pierloot, K., Groothaert, M., Schoonheydt, R.A., and Vanquickenborne, L.
Eur.J.Inorg.Chem.,  515-530, 2002.

Targeting of the Photocytotoxic Compound AlPcS4 to HeLa Cells by Transferrin Conjugated PEG-Liposomes.
Gijsens, A, Derycke, A., Missiaen, L., De Vos, D.E., Huwyler, J., Eberle, A, and de Witte, P.
Int.J.Cancer,101, 78-85, 2002.

Preparation of Zeogrids through Interposed Stapling and Fusion of MFI Zeolite Type Nanoslabs.
Kremer, S. P. B., Kirschhock, C., Tielen, M., Collignon, F., Grobet, P.J., Jacobs, P.A., and Martens, J.A.
Proc. of the 8th International Symposium "Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts", Stud.Surf.Sci.Catal.,  Elsevier, 143, 185 - 192, 2002.

Spectroscopic Study on the Irreversible Deactivation of Chromia/Alumina Dehydrogenation Catalysts.
Puurunen, R.L. and Weckhuysen, B.M.
J.Catal., 210, 418-430, 2002.

Polymeric Membranes in Catalysis.
Vankelecom, I.F.J.
Chem.Rev., 102(10), 3779-3810, 2002.

Increased Catalytic Productivity for Nanofiltration-coupled Heck Reactions Using Highly Stable Catalyst Systems.
Nair, D., Scarpello, J. T., Vankelecom, I.F.J., White, L. S., Freitas dos Santos, L. S., Kloetzing, R. J., Welton, T., and Livingston, A. G.
Green Chemistry, 4 (4), 319-324, 2002.

Mass Spectrometric Methods Prove the Use of Beeswax and Ruminant Fat in Late Roman Cooking Pots.
Kimpe, K., Jacobs, P.A., and Waelkens, M.
J.Chromatography A., 968, 151-160, 2002.

Ordering and Optical Properties of Monolayers and Multilayers of Silica Spheres Deposited by TH Langmuir-Blodgett Method.
Szekeres, M., Kamalin, O., Schoonheydt, R.A., Wostijn, K., Clays, K., Persoons, A., and Dekany, I.
J.Mater.Chem., 12, 3268-3274, 2002.

A New Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Oxidative Carbonylation of Phenol to Diphenyl Carbonate.
Linsen, K., Libens, J., and Jacobs, P.A.
Chem.Commun., (22), 2728-2729, 2002.

Smectite-Type Clay Minerals as Nanomaterials.
Schoonheydt, R.A.
Clays and Clay Minerals ,50 (4), 411-420, 2002.

Reply to the Comment on: Identification of Precursor Species in the Formation of MFI Zeolite in the TPAOH-TEOS-H2O System.
Kirschhock, C., Ravishankar, R., Verspeurt, F., Grobet, P.J., Jacobs, P.A., and Martens, J.A.
J.Phys.Chem.B., 106(12), 3333-3334, 2002.

Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols with Ruthenium Catalysts in Ionic Liquids.
Wolfson, A., Wuyts, S., De Vos, D.E., Vankelecom, I.F.J., and Jacobs, P.A.
Tetrah.Lett., 43(45), 8107-8110, 2002.

Zeolite Effects on Catalytic Transformations of Fine Chemicals.
De Vos, D.E. and Jacobs, P.A. Guisnet, M. and Gilson, J.-P.
Zeolites for Cleaner Technologies. London, Imperial College Press, Catalytic Science Press, Hutchings, G. ed., (13), 261-279. 2002.

Acid Controlled Alkyne Dimerisation Initiated by a Ru-Carbene Precursor.
Melis, K., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A., and Verpoort, F.
J.Organometallic Chem., 659, 159-164, 2002.

Standard Reaction of the International Zeolite Association for Acidity Characterization: Ethylbenzene Disproportionation over LaNaY.
De Vos, D.E., Ernst, S., Perego, C., O'Connor, C., and Stöcker, M.
Micropor.Mesopor.Mater., 56(2), 185-192, 2002.

Chemoselective Hydrogen Transfer Reduction of Unsaturated Ketones to Allylic Alcohols with Solid Zr and Hf Catalysts.
De bruyn, M., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
Adv.Synth.Cat., 344(10), 1120-1125, 2002.

Low-Temperature Destruction of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons over Lanthanide Oxide Based Catalysts.
Van der Avert, P. and Weckhuysen, B.M.
Angew.Chem.(Int.Edit.), 41(24), 4730-4732, 2002.

The Process of Mn(II) Incorporation into Aluminophosphate Zeotypes through High-Field ENDOR Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations.
Arieli, D., Delabie, A., Groothaert, M., Pierloot, K., and Goldfarb, D.
J.Phys.Chem.B., 106, 9086-9097, 2002.

Ordered Mesoporous and Microporous Molecular Sieves Functionalized with Transition Metal Complexes as Catalysts for Selective Organic Transformations.
De Vos, D.E., Dams, M., Sels, B., and Jacobs, P.A.
Chem.Rev., 102, 3615-3640, 2002.



Practical Heterogeneous Catalysts for Epoxide Production.
De Vos, D.E., Sels, B., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Adv. Synth. Cat., 345, 457-473, 2003

Recycling of Homogeneous Hydrogenation Catalysts by Dialysis Coupled Catalysis.
De Smet, K., Pleysier, A., Vankelecom, I.F.J., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Chem. Eur. J., 9, 334-338, 2003

Co-Immobilisation of Transition Metal Complexes and Ionic Liquids in a Polymeric Support for Liquid Phase Hydrogenations.
Wolfson, A., Vankelecom, I.F.J., and Jacobs, P.A.  
Tetrah. Lett., 44, 1195-1198, 2003

Synthesis of Co-rich CoAPO-5 Molecular Sieves: A Comparison between Glycerol and Water as Solvent.
Fan, W. and Weckhuysen, B.M.   
J. Nanosc. Nanotech, 3, 1-6, 2003

Preferential Siting of Iron Atoms in MFI Type Ferrisilicate Zeolite Framework: An Attempt to Explain Experimental Data with TPA-Silicate Solution Chemistry.
Theunissen, E., Kirschhock, C., Kremer, S.P.B., Habermacher, D., and Martens, J.A.   
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 1296-1298, 2003

Development of a Fixed-Bed Continuous-Flow High-Throughput Reactor for Long-Chain n-Alkane Hydroconversion.
Huybrechts, W., Mijoin, J., Jacobs, P.A., and Martens, J.A.   
App. Catal. A-Gen., 243, 1-13, 2003

Identification of Cu(II) Coordination Structures in Cu-ZSM-5, based on a DFT/ ab initio Assignment of the EPR Spectra.
Groothaert, M., Pierloot, K., Delabie, A., and Schoonheydt, R.A.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 5, 2135-2144, 2003

The Role of the Solvent in the Asymmetric Hydrogenation of β-keto esters with Ru-BINAP.
Wolfson, A., Vankelecom, I.F.J., Geresh, S., and Jacobs, P.A.   
J. Molec. Cat, 198, 39-45, 2003

CrIII(salen) Catalysed Asymmetric Ring Opening of Monocyclic Terpene-Epoxides.
Dioos, B. and Jacobs, P.A.
Tetrah. Lett., 44, 4715-4717, 2003

Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide through Hydrogen-Bonding Interaction with Acidic Alcohols: Epoxidation of Alkenes in Phenol.
Wahlen, J., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Organic Letters, 5, 1777-1780, 2003

MCM-41 Immobilised Borate Co-Catalyst for Metallocene Catalyzed Propene Oligomerization.
Kwanten, M., Carrière, B.A.M., Grobet, P.J., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Chem. Commun., 1508-1509, 2003

Transition Metal anion exchanged Layered Double Hydroxides as a bioinspired model of Vanadium Bromoperoxidase.
Sels, B., De Vos, D.E., Buntinx, M., and Jacobs, P.A.  
J. Catal., 216, 288-297, 2003

Toward a Better Control of Internal Structure and External Morphology of Mesoporous Silicas Synthesized Using a Nonionic Surfactant.
Léonard, A., Blin, J.L., Robert, M., Jacobs, P.A., Cheetham, A.K., and Su, B.-L.   
Langmuir, 19, 5484-5490, 2003

Bis (µ-oxo)dicopper in Cu-ZSM-5 and its Role in the Decomposition of NO: a Combined in situ XAFS, UV-vis-NIR and Kinetic Study.
Groothaert, M., van Bokhoven, J., Battiston, A., Weckhuysen, B.M., and Schoonheydt, R.A.   
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125, 7629-7640, 2003

Bis(µ-oxo)dicopper as Key Intermediate in the Catalytic Decomposition of Nitric Oxide.
Groothaert M., Lievens K., van Bokhoven J., Battiston A., Weckhuysen B.M., Pierloot K., and Schoonheydt, R.A.   
Chem. Phys. Chem., 4, 626-630, 2003

A Zeolite-Enzyme Combination for Biphasic Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Benzylic Alcohols.
Wuyts, S., De Temmerman, K., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Chem. Commun., 1928-1929, 2003

Comparison of Hexamethylhypericin and Tetrabromohypericin to Hypericin for their in vivo efficacy as PDT Tools.
Delaey, E., Zupkó, I., Chen, B., Derycke, A., van Laar, F., De Vos, D.E., and de Witte, P.   
Int. J. Oncol., 23, 519-524, 2003

Toward Waste-Free Production of Heck Products with a Catalytic Palladium System under Oxygen.
Dams, M., De Vos, D.E., Celen, S., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Angew. Chem. (Int. Edit. ), 42, 3512-3515, 2003

Microgravity Effect on the Self-Organization of Silicalite-1 Nanoslabs.
Kremer, S.P.B., Theunissen, E., Kirschhock, C., Jacobs, P.A., Martens, J.A., and Herfs, W.   
Adv. Space Res., 32, 259-263, 2003

Investigation of the Permeability and Selectivity of  Gases and Volatile Organic Compounds for Polydimethylsiloxane Membranes
De Bo, I., Van Langenhove, H., Pruuost, P., De Neve, J., Pieters, J., Vankelecom, I.F.J., and Dick, E.  
J. Mem. Sci., 215, 303-319, 2003

Catalytic application of a Ru-alkylidene in the nucleophilic addition of several carboxylic acids on terminal alkynes and the homocoupling of 1-alkynes
Melis, K, De Vos, D, Jacobs, P, Verpoort, F.  
J. Organometal. Chem., 671 (1-2): 131-136, 2003

Tiling Silicalite-1 nanoslabs into 3D mosaics
Kremer,  S. P. B., Kirschhock, C., Aerts, A., Villani, K., Martens, J.A., Lebedev, O.I., and Van Tendeloo, G.  
Adv.Mater., 15, 1705-1707, 2003

DFT Study on the Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Catalyzed by Lewis Acids.
Vos, A., Schoonheydt, R.A., De Proft, F., and Geerlings, P.   
J.Catal., 220, 333-346, 2003   

An Operando Optical Fiber UV-vis Spectroscopic Study of the Catalytic Decomposition of NO and N2O over Cu-ZSM-5.
Groothaert, M., Lievens, K., Weckhuysen, B.M., and Schoonheydt, R.A.   
J.Catal., 220, 500-512, 2003 

Combinatorial Screening to Conventional Testing of Antimony Rich Selective Oxidation Catalysts.
Paul, J., Urschey, J., Jacobs, P.A., Maier, W. F., and Verpoort, F.     
J.Catal., 220, 136-145, 2003   

CrIII(salen) impregnated on Silica for Asymmetric Ring Opening Reactions and its Recovery via Desorption/Re-Impregnation.
Dioos, B. and Jacobs, P.A.   
Tetrah.Lett., 44, 8815-8817, 2003

Ultra-thin Zeolite Films Prepared by Spin-Coating Silicalite-1 Precursor Solutions
Doyle,A.M., Rupprechter,G., Kirschhock,C. Martens,J.A., Freund,H.-J.    Chem.Phys.Lett., 382, 404-409, 2003 

 Mesoporous Zr and Hf catalysts for Chemoselective MPV Reductions of Unsaturated Ketones
De bruyn, M., Limbourg, M., Denayer, J.F., Baron, G.V., Parvulescu, V.I., Grobet, P.J., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A.
App. Catal. A-Gen, 254, 189-201, 2003

Chemistry of Silica at Different Cocentrations of non-Ionic Surfactant Solutions: Effect of pH of the Synthesis gel on the Preparation of Mesoporous Silicas
Léonard, A., Blin, J.L., Jacobs, P.A., Grange, P., Su, B.-L.
Micropor. Mesopor. Mater., 6, 59-73, 2003

Surfacial, Liquid Sorption and Monolayer-Forming Properties of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Stober Silica Particles
Dekany, I., Szekeres, M., Schoonheydt, R.A.
Colloid and Polymer Science, 282, 1-6, 2003

Reactivity Descriptors and Rate Constants for Acid Zeolite Catalyzed Ethylation and Isopropylation of Benzene.
Vos, A., Schoonheydt, R.A., De Proft, F., and Geerlings, P.
J.Phys.Chem.B, 107 (9), 2001-2008, 2003  

Chemoselective Reduction of Complex α, β-unsaturated Ketones to Allylic Alcohols over Ir Metal Particles on Beta Zeolites
De bruyn, M., Coman, S., Bota, R., Parvulescu, V.I., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A.
Chem. (Int. Edit.), 42, 5333-5336, 2003

Solid Materials as Sources for Synthetically Useful Singlet Oxygen
Wahlen, J., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A., Alsters, P.
Adv. Synth. Cat., 346, 152-164, 2003

Molecular and Particulate Organization in Dye-Clay Films Prepared by the Langmuir-Blodgett Method.
Ras R., van Duffel B., and Schoonheydt R.A.   
“2001: a Clay Odyssey” Proceedings of the 12th International Clay Conference, July 22-28, 2001 Bahia Blanca, Argentina, Dominguez,E., Mas,G.R., Cravero,F., eds., Elsevier, chpt. 4, 473-480, 2003

Preparation of nanofiltration membranes.
Vankelecom, I.F.J., De Smet, K., Gevers, L., and Jacobs, P.A.   
Nanofiltration - Principles and Applications, 4, 1-29, 2003 



Esterification and Transesterification of Renewable Chemicals.
Hoydonckx, H., De Vos, D.E., Chavan, S., and Jacobs, P.A.
Top. Catal., 27, 81-94, 2004

Solid Materials as Sources for Synthetically Useful Singlet Oxygen
Wahlen, J., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A., Alster, P.L.
Adv.Synth.Catal. 346, 152-164, 2004 

Adsorptive Separation of NOx in Presence of SOx from Gas Mixtures Simulating Lean Burn Engine Exhaust by Pressure Swing Process on Na-Y Zeolite.
Sultana, A., Habermacher, D., Kirschhock, C., and Martens, J.A.
Appl. Catal. B-Environ., 48, 65-76, 2004

Physico-Chemical Interpretation of the SRNF Transport Mechanism for Solvents through Dense Silicone Membranes.
Vankelecom, I.F.J., De Smet, K., Gevers, L., Livingston, A.G., Nair, D., Aerts, S., Kuypers, S., and Jacobs, P.A.
J. Mem. Sci., 231, 99-108, 2004

Titanium Silicalite 1 (TS-1) Catalyzed  Oxidative Transformations of Furan Derivatives with Hydrogen Peroxide.
Wahlen, J., Moens, B., De Vos, D.E., Alsters, P., and Jacobs, P.A.
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Reaction Mechanisms of Lean-Burn Hydrocarbon SCR over Zeolite Catalysts.
Brosius, R. and Martens, J.A.
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Mechanism of the Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons by N-hydroxyphthalimide: a Theoretical Study.
Hermans, I., Vereecken, L., Jacobs, P.A., and Peeters, J.
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Low-Temperature Destruction of Carbon Tetrachloride over Lanthanide Oxide-Based Catalysts: from Destructive Adsorption to a Catalytic Reaction Cycle.
Van der Avert, P., Podkolzin, S., Manoilova, O., De Winne, H., and Weckhuysen, B.M.
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Combinatorial Discovery of New Catalysts for the Selective Oxidation of Isobutane.
Paul, J., Jacobs, P.A., Weiss, A., and Maier, W.F.
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Non-Equilibrium Processes of Interchain Association Induced by Cs+ Ions in -Carrageenan Aqueous Solutions.
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Novel MoVSbOx-Type Catalysts for Selective Isobutane Oxidation.
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Recycling of the Homogeneous Co-Jacobsen Catalyst through Solvent-Resistent Nanofiltration (SRNF).
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Perturbation and Tracer Chromatography Study of Hydrocarbon Adsorption from Simulated Exhaust Gas on Fe-MFI and MOR Type Zeolite Catalysts.
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Hybrid Langmuir Blodgett Monolayers Containing Clay Minerals: Effect of Clay Concentration and Layer Charge Density on the Film Formation.
Ras, R., Nemeth, J., Johnston, C.T., DiMasi, E., Dekany, I., and Schoonheydt, R.A.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 6, 4174-4184, 2004

Reply to the comment "On the TEM and AFM Evidence of Zeosil Nanoslabs Present during the Synthesis of Silicalite-1".
Kirschhock, C., Liang, D., Aerts, A., Aerts, C., Kremer, S.P.B., Jacobs, P.A., Van Tendeloo, G., and Martens, J.A.
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Coordination of CrIII(salen) on Functionalised Silica for Asymmetric Ring Opening Reactions of Epoxides.
Dioos, B., Geurts, W., and Jacobs, P.A.
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Aluminium Incorporation into MCM-48 toward the Creation of Bronsted Acidity.
Collart, O., Cool, P., Van der Voort, P., Meynen, V., Vansant, E.F., Houthoofd, K., Grobet, P.J., Lebedev, O.I., and Van Tendeloo, G.
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A Simple, Efficient Alternative for Highly Stereoselective Iodoacetoxylation of Protected Glycals.
Gammon, D., Kinfe, H.H., De Vos, D.E., Jacobs, P.A., and Sels, B.
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Acid zeolites as alcohol racemization catalysts: Screening and application in a biphasic dynamic kinetic resolution.
Wuyts, S., De Temmerman, K., De Vos, D.E., and Jacobs, P.A.
Chem. Eur. J., 11, 386-397, 2004

Transferrin-conjugated Liposome Targeting of Photosensitizer AlPcS4 to Rat Bladder Carcinoma Cells
Derycke, A.S.L., Kamuhabwa, A., Gijssens, A., Roskams, T., De Vos, D.E., Kasran, A., Huwyler, J., Missiaen, L., De Witte, P.A.M.
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Epoxide Yield Determination of Oils and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Using 1H NMR.
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Assessing the Relationship between Form and Use of Different Kinds of Pottery from the Archaeological Site Sagalassos (Southwest Turkey) with Lipid Analysis.
Kimpe, K., Drybooms, C., Jacobs, P.A., Degeest, R., and Waelkens, M.
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Orientation and Conformation of Octadecyl Rhodamine B in Hybrid Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers Containing Clay Minerals.
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Swelling Clays (Smectites) and Nanofilms
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Zeolite Effects in the Sustainable and Green Synthesis of Intermediates and Fine Chemicals.
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Proceedings of the 14th International Zeolite Conference, Stud.Surf.Sci.Catal, 153, 16pp., 2004





Bromide-assisted Oxidation of Substituted Phenols with Hydrogen Peroxide to the Corresponding p-Quinol abd p-Quinol Ethers over WO42- exchanged Layered Double Hydroxides.
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in press

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