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WELCOME to the MeBioS-Biosensors group of Prof. Jeroen Lammertyn! Our group was founded in 2005 within the MeBioS division and currently counts 5 postdocs and 15 PhD students. Its fundamental research activities focus on the development of novel bio-molecular detection concepts and miniaturized analysis systems. The applications span a broad range of sectors including medical and food diagnostics. The MeBioS-Biosensor group closely follows the emerging field of biosensing and is active in the following domains (i) Bio-assay development (e.g., aptamers, biofunctionalized nanomaterials), (ii) Optical sensors (e.g., fiber optic SPR sensors) (iii) Microfluidics (e.g., lab-on-a-chip technology).


What we do

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New discoveries at the MeBioS biosensor group are published in international peer reviewed journals.



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Technology transfer

An important part of our work is the implementation of our research in all sorts of applications. 

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Biosensors News

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  • Welcome to Jaroslav and Henry, new innovation manager and PhD student respectively!
  • We always follow the carrers of our past members. Check this out. Congratulations Jeroen Pollet!


People and vacancies

Get to know the staff and their projects currently in progress at MeBioS Biosensor group!


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We also welcome spontaneous applications from motivated students/researchers interested in working in our lab (contact