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MeBioS Postharvest Group

Welcome at the home page of the MeBioS (Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensors) division of the Biosystems Department!

MeBios investigates the interaction between biological systems and physical processes. The emphasis is on the measurement of properties of biological products and process variables, the analysis of the measured signals by means of advanced statistical methods, process and equipment design, optimisation and control.  Mathematical models to describe the working principles of biological systems at different spatial and temporal scales is essential for this purpose.


Basic research

The focus of the basic research in MeBioS is on bionanotechnology - the technology of biological systems at the nanometer scale. These can be existing (cells, cell organels) as well as artificial (biosensors, biomachines) systems.


Applied research

MeBioS carries out applied research in areas such as agricultural and food process engineering, postharvest technology, food chain quality and safety, and diagnostics for life sciences. This precompetitive research is typically driven by actual needs of the industry and often relies on the basic research at MeBioS.


Industrial R&D

Industrial R&D at MeBioS is supported by the Industrial Research Council of the K.U.Leuven.  The aim is to exploit research results obtained within MeBioS and implement them in industrial companies. This also involves IPR management, identification of industrial partners and funding possibilities for technology transfer, and carrying out R&D activities. MeBioS is also involved in spin-off activities and public-private partnerships.



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